[구직활동] 울워쓰 (Woolworths) 구인 싸이트 (Careers site) 및 잡인터뷰 (Job interviews) 관련 답변들 (Answers)

2020-08-24 22:10
울워쓰 직원(파트타임 및 캐주얼 포함) 모집은 http://www.wowcareers.com.au/ 을 통하여 이루어 집니다.

주로 Nightfiller, Cashier(물품명 외우기 시험을 보는데 - 야채이름 외우기가 어렵다고 하더군요..), Stocktake Assistant, Deli 관련 일자리도 꾸준히 모집하고 있습니다.

일단 울워쓰 일자리는 하청이 아니기에..노동에 대한 정당한 보상을 받을 수 있다는 장점이 있습니다.


Location에서 사는 지역을 선택하신 후 Search for Jobs 버튼을 누르시면 됩니다.

관심있는 일자리가 있으면 모집공고 하단에 있는 Apply 버튼을 누르시면 바로 온라인 지원이 이루어 집니다.

처음 방문일 경우에는 자동 회원 가입이 되며, 한번 지원서를 작성 해놓으면 반복적으로 사용하실 수 있습니다.

이력서를 작성하다 보면 마지막에 업무 테스트(?) 비슷한 질문을 하는데...답 찾기가 생각보다 어렵습니다.

질문은 문제 은행식으로 돌아가면서 나옵니다.

그래서 여기서 관련 질문과 답변을 공유 하였으면 합니다.

아래 대답은 인터넷에서 수집하거나 저를 기준으로 작성 하였습니다.

혹시라도 잘못된 답이 있으면 알려주시기 바랍니다..새로운 질문도 감쏴~....^^


[ 객관식 문제 ]
  1. If you cannot find the correct location for an item, what would you do?"
  2.   Find the correct location while filling other products
  1. If you find a shelf ticket that is damaged or missing, what would you do?"
  2.   Notify the supervisor at the end of the shift.
  1. While trying to fill a product on the shelf, you cannot find the correct location. Which best describes what you would do?
  2.   Try and find the correct location while filling other products
  1. You will be required to do repetitive lifting as part of your duties for this role. What is the maximum weight you are able to lift repetitively?
  2.   Loads between 5.00 - 10.00kg
(일반적으로 20kg까지 가능한 것으로 알고 있으나, 반복적인 작업은 더 작아야 되서 10kg 미만으로 작성 했는데, OH&S 전공하시거나 울워쓰 매니저님이 계시면 조언 부탁 드립니다....^^)
  1. If a customer would like to purchase a product that is damaged or leaking (e.g. blood leaking from a meat product or a leaking chemical bottle), what answer below best describes your actions?
A: Apologise to the customer and call your supervisor for a replacement

  1. 6. You are in a store when a customer approaches you and asks you about a location of a product in another area of the store. Do you:
  A: Give the customer general directions and point in the right direction

(코울스에서는 다른 답이라고 합니다. Stop what you are doing and show the customer to the appropriate location.)

  1. You are working on a checkout serving a customer. A member of the management team walks up to your checkout and asks you to scan a product for them as they don’t think that it is scanning correctly. Do you:
   A: Ring the bell at your checkout for the service supervisor to come and talk to the manager


  1. You see a customer from the ‘corner of your eye’ try and conceal a product into their pocket which you believe they do not intend to pay for. Do you:
  A: Alert someone else to advise a supervisor as you continue to watch the customer before some back up comes to assist you


[ 주관식 문제 ] 

이곳에서 답변은 절대적인 것이 아니라 단지 예시이므로 참고만 하시기 바랍니다. - 문제 발생해도 책임 못 집니다..ㅠㅠ;;


Q: In 50 words or less, please answer the question; "What does safety mean to you?"


A:Safety in the workplace means having an environment free from injury and hazards. Proper processes and procedures will allow employees to work without worrying about theor safety.

[ Source: Variety ]


Q: In 50 words or less describe your understanding of providing excellent customer service?

A: Providing excellent customer service is always about exceeding the expectations of customers, proving what they were seeking, going the extra step to meet their needs and finally being attentive and reliable. This builds a relationship between the store and the customer, creating a positive opinion in the customer's mind for potential future shopping.

[ Source: Variety ]


Q: In 100 words or less please outline what qualities you think you would need to offer good customer service?


A: To offer good customer service, the ideal candidate would need to be prompt, reliable and responsible. They would need to be willing to go the extra step, to answer any queries and complaints from customers in a professional and friendly manner. The customer is always right and inevitably, it's their experiences in stores that would determine if a customer returns in the future or not.

The candidate would also need to be honest and not making promises they know they cannot meet. Finally, the ideal candidate would need to pay attention to detail, check that products are not broken or unfit for sale and take the appropriate actions when necessary.  (include your work history, and a reference if you can. Explain why you want to leave where you are in the most positive way you can. And do not mention anything negative about your work environment there as it will be almost the same at Woolworths.)

[ Source: Variety ]



Q: When performing repetitive tasks it is easy to become bored and overlook important details. Please outline in 100 words or less, what would you do in this situation to ensure the job gets done properly?


A: I would challenge myself to complete the task properly, and effieciently, setting goals for myself (i.e. how quickly can i properly stack this order) and try to break up a task if possible and after completing each section of a task. Briefly check over what I have done to assess if I have completed it correctly or not and to make sure I haven't missed any important details.

[ Source: Variety ]

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